These long summer days

Hey there! I hope that you are enjoying the summer transition and long sun-soaked evenings. After some pretty big shake-ups, I’ve found my routine. It’s time for me to chase the sun with some dedicated writing and editing.
– Mel Braxton / Myra Bates

June Updates

  • A Bigfoot’s Gift: My feedback is in! I’ll be deep in edits for this story in June. After another round of editing, it’ll be off to proofreading. Reaching the home stretch for this story about a teenager Bigfoot attending high school. Coming to the market this summer!
  • Illlium: the Lost World:  First draft  is nearly done! This novella is about a woman stranded on a sentient planet and is on schedule for a fall release.
  • The Korai Book:* My traditional-publishing hopeful has been sitting on my shelf for 6-months. Developmental edits are in and it’s time to hash out the next draft for this story.
    *Too many working titles here to simply pick one. Possibilities include: The Psykik AcademyCollapsars RisingJourney from Eden, and (best of all) Jayne and Jude go to Space!

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