Wing Builder
[ebook] [paperback]

She doesn’t have wings. He has gray ones. While white-winged suitors compete for her hand in marriage, Wren and Ezal find themselves in a forbidden romance.

Wing Builder is a new-adult romance set in a breathtaking sci-fantasy skyscape.

The Wild Mermaid
[ebook] [paperback]

When Cora becomes the Queen’s soloist, she uncovers the truth about Atlantis. Now she must escape the palace—or die trying.

The Wild Mermaid is a young-adult fantasy novel that ventures into the watery depths of intuition.

Becoming Alice: A Bigfoot’s Trilogy
(published as Mel Blooms)
Book 1: A Bigfoot’s Gift, [ebook] [paperback]
Book 2: A Bigfoot’s Quest, [ebook] [paperback]
Book 3: A Bigfoot’s Destiny, [ebook] [paperback]

3-in-1: Becoming Alice [ebook] [paperback] [hardcover]

I am becoming Alice. I have a gift. My Bigfoot body can shift into a human one. It’s a cool power, but the human world is a dangerous place…

Illiam: A sci-fi novella
[ebook] [paperback]

While flying in uncolonized space, Elysa’s starship was damaged beyond repair. Desperate, she landed on a planet.

Illiam, a sentient world, had been alone for eons but only recently learned how painful loneliness could be.

Elysa, now stranded, must learn to work with Illiam, her survival depends on it.

Living Without the Dead
(published as Myra Bates)

By using poetry to explore her father’s cancer, hospitalization, and eventual death, Myra Bates invites the reader to witness her journey towards living without the dead.

this story begins by saying
Dad was always going to die

it was a stage four cancer diagnosis

nearly ten years before it took him

ten years is a long time to die