The Wild Mermaid
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Cora was thrilled. Today she would reach Atlantis, and after a long migration she was eager to finish the journey.

But when the Queen appoints Cora as the next soloist, she must take an unusual medication, physic. As the drug reshapes her mind, Cora discovers Atlantis to be far more sinister than her daydreams.

To escape, Cora must navigate the Queen’s palace. Along the way, she is befriended and betrayed. She learns that myths can be lies and tragedies often leave scars.

It’s an adventure that’ll ultimately transform her into The Wild Mermaid.

The Wild Mermaid is a new-adult Atlantean adventure. Recommended for ages 15+
A Bigfoot’s Gift
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For Alice, being fourteen meant her childhood was over. As a Bigfoot adolescent, she was supposed to entertain a suitor and choose a trade. But she had no intention of doing either.

Then during the summer solstice, the Fae give Alice a gift: the ability to appear human. They send her to the nearby high school. And when Alice joins the volleyball team, she finds friends and establishes rivalries.

But as Alice falls in love with her suitor, she must choose. Does she keep her newfound powers—and her strange new life—or accept her expanding role in the Bigfoot village? Either way, her life is never going to be the same.

A young-adult fantasy adventure. For ages 11 and up.
[ebook from Kindle] [Paperback]

While flying in uncolonized space, Elysa’s starship was damaged beyond repair. Desperate, she landed on a planet.

Illiam, a sentient world, had been alone for eons but only recently learned how painful loneliness could be.

Elysa, now stranded, must learn to work with Illiam, her survival depends on it.
Living Without the Dead
[ebook from Kindle] [Paperback]

By using poetry to explore her father’s cancer, hospitalization, and eventual death, Myra Bates invites the reader to witness her journey towards living without the dead.

this story begins by saying
Dad was always going to die

it was a stage four cancer diagnosis

nearly ten years before it took him

ten years is a long time to die