Hot days, refreshing drinks…and a cover reveal!

Hey there readers!

June has had some hard lessons in picking my battles. I love this work, and the variety of projects I get to work on – but the truth is, I stretched myself too thin. I didn’t make the progress on the Jayne/Jude or Illiam projects that I had hoped for. 

However, priorities come first, and A Bigfoot’s Gift is running on schedule! Proofreading is in process, and I expect to publish (kindle universe and print) mid-to-late July. It’ll come just in time to be that fun summer read. Check out the synopsis and cover reveal below.

I hope you have a wonderful summer!
— M.B.

P.S. Quick update on this blog system – I’m going to be switching over to quarterly updates. Expect your next newsletter in October!

Summer updates

  • A Bigfoot’s Gift: Proofreading has started – this is the final edit! Check out the cover reveal below. I’ll send an email once this is officially online.

  • Illiam: The Lost World: Will be my next indie release after Bigfoot. This novelette features Elysa, a space adventurer who crashes on a sentient planet.

  • The Wild Mermaid: What began as fun storytelling has grown some roots. I’ve finished plotting this story and can’t wait to tell it. The first draft is published on Wattpad with weekly updates. [read here]

  • Jayne and Jude go to Space! (silly working title) Massive shout out to the fantastic beta readers who I’ve talked to in the last month. All your feedback has been so encouraging and insightful. I’m in the depths of plotting, and draft 3 is around the corner.

A Bigfoot’s Gift
Coming July 2019

Alice had always known that becoming an adult in the Bigfoot village meant two things. First, Alice needed to pick a trade, but none interested her. Second, she needed to pick a mate, and her eager parents were ready with her first suitor.
On the Summer Solstice, the Fae gave Alice a gift: the ability to appear human. They provided what she needed to become Alice Turner, a high school freshman trying out for the volleyball team.

As Alice falls in love with her Bigfoot suitor, she is given until the Winter Solstice to choose. Does she want to become an adult in the Bigfoot community or commit to her growing identity as Alice Turner? 

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