May is an adventure of transitions

Hi readers, writing to you today from a new home! My books are still in boxes, (boo!) but the rest of the home is turning out lovely. Can’t wait to put my new office together, finish settling in, and dig into my summer projects!
– Mel Braxton / Myra Bates

May Updates

  • A Bigfoot’s Gift went through two revisions and is now in the hands of editors! It amazes me how a draft comes together in revisions. Expect this to hit the market in June/July!

    When Alice reached her fourteenth summer, she knew her life was going to change. She was an adolescent in the Bigfoot village and her parents would choose her first suitor.  However, Alice didn’t expect to receive a gift from the Fae – a gift that allows her to take a human form, forever changing the direction of her life.
  • Introducing Illium: the Lost World. This is a little novelette I’ve been daydreaming of for over a year now. The first draft is in the works with plans to release in late summer.

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