April showers will bring … summer publications?

Welcome to my blog post! Hopefully, this will be the first of many monthly updates. This will be my place to not only keep readers up-to-date on recent happenings but a place of personal accountability. Thanks for your support in this crazy and awesome lifestyle.
– Mel / Myra

P.S. If there is any content you are looking for in these posts, feel free to let me know. I’m open to suggestions.

What happened in March:

  • Living Without the Dead was released! I’m incredibly proud of this final product and happy to share it with readers.

    Due to the highly intimate nature of this piece, the final stages of production were un/surprisingly draining. However, the feedback I’ve received suggests I succeeded in my goals and wrote something cathartic!
  • The first draft for A Bigfoot’s Gift was completed and this book is on pace for a summer release. While writing, the plot took some twists that made the story better. I can’t wait to share this narrative. Synopsis below:

    When Alice reached her fourteenth summer, she knew her life was going to change. She was an adolescent in the Bigfoot village and her parents would choose her first suitor.  However, Alice didn’t expect to receive a gift from the Fae – a gift that allows her to take a human form, forever changing the direction of her life.

Plans for April:

  • I’ll finish the big-picture editing for A Bigfoot’s Gift before sending it off for external editing and fine-tuning.
  • My personal life will be a touch messy: we are moving to our first house! Budgeting an unfortunate amount of time for housework and the move – but no worries – I’ll hit the ground running once my new office is set up!

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