Alice’s adventure is coming to an end

That’s right! A Bigfoot’s Destiny will be here soon. And upon its release, Alice’s Adventures as a shifting Bigfoot-human are finally come to an end.

This is a bittersweet release for me. Becoming Alice will be my first completed series—a goal I have worked toward since I was fourteen. I’ve fallen in love with Alice’s character, and I’ll be sad to stop writing for her. However, I also have amazing projects in the pipeline, and I know this series has already influenced what is coming next.

I’m sure you’ll notice that this book is being published under a different pen name, Mel Blooms. This is still me. To help readers navigate my work, I’ve separated Alice’s middle-grade series from my new-adult novels like Wing Builder and Wild Mermaid. Mel Braxton will remain my main pen name and all my communications will continue from here. Thanks for your continued support!

Until next time,
Mel Braxton

Since spring break, Alice has struggled with her new identity. She believes she is a monster, but there is no time for self-pity, not when the Bigfoot’s protective boundary is threatening to fail.

Meanwhile, Daylen prepares to pick a new Bigfoot suitor, Mark pressures Alice to tell him the truth, and Payton wants to be more involved, putting herself in danger.

Alice is already pushed to her limits when catastrophe strikes.

Forced into her truebody, Alice must accept her new identity. Completing this quest will require all her courage. It will test all of her relationships, even the one she has with herself.

Hopefully she can do this one thing right—the future of the Bigfoots depends on her.

Preorder A Bigfoot’s Destiny by clicking here!

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