The Dragon Prince has Arrived

Cursed with the Dragon Prince is here! It’s all edited and shiny, and for a few days, I’ve made it available for free.

Free!? On a new book? Silly, I know. I do have my reasons…

cursed with the dragon prince is a spicy fae fantasy romance

This past year, I’ve made difficult medical decisions based on a condition I never wanted. This book is about that, in a messy storytelling way. It’s about the journey to freedom within entrapping circumstances.

try to write books for you, my readers, but here’s my confession… I wrote Cursed with the Dragon Prince for me.

And to do that, I threw lots of storytelling convention out the window. The heroine is barren and her infertility is a huge part of this book. So I threw marketing conventions out the window too. I priced the book at 99c and set up a freebie campaign as fast as I could.*

I love this story and writing it helped me. I can’t predict what you’ll think of it, though I can hope it helps you find freedom too.


*Huge thank you to everyone who preordered and purchased before I could schedule this freebie! Your support means so much!

an excerpt

She’s terrified.

And she has every right to be afraid—she’s human. Because of her species, she should be terrified of this entire island, my clan, and above all, me. My clan has not been kind to humans, and my bloodline has been the worst.

We are the dragon fae, created for life on these volatile lands by the isle herself, Wisp. A deity who has cursed our clan.

A curse only a human can lift.

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